The Simplest Way To Listen To Those WhatsApp Voice Messages All By Yourself

We all have friends who sometimes send us funny and weird voice messages on WhatsApp. If you are at home when you get them, it is not a big deal. You can just listen to them on your mobile speakers. But what if you are outside or in a public place like a bus. It would be a bit awkward to listen to them then. Also, you won’t probably remove your earphones from your bag as you are too lazy to remove them for a single voice message!

So, what if it happens that you are in a crowded train and you are not able to move much. But at that very moment you get a voice message from your best friend. You want to listen to it very badly but you can’t as there are many people beside you. Well at that time knowing this simple trick can help you a lot.

How to Use the Trick:

Basically, all you have to do is when you get a voice message and you want to listen to it, just get your phone closer to your ear as if you are trying to pick up an incoming call. The proximity sensor in your phone will do the rest for you. When you get your phone near your ear, the voice message will start playing and when you get it away, it will pause itself. Also, the people beside you will probably think you are on a call.

I hope this WhatsApp trick helps you a lot. Have a nice day!











How To Recover Unsaved Files In Microsoft Word

We all have been there where we have worked our asses off on a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet only to realize that we forgot to save it.

The moment we realize it, it’s all chaos. We start gnashing our teeth, banging our heads on the wall and whatnot. What we don’t know is that with the help of one simple trick, we can recover those unsaved files. This trick works perfectly for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

NoteThis doesn’t work if your Laptop or Computer has suddenly shut down.

Recovering Unsaved Word Files:

  1. To start off, head to the File Menu in Quick Access Toolbar.


  1. Next, click the Info Bar.


3. Click the Manage Document Option down below. After that hit Recover Unsaved Documents.


  1. Select your file.


5. Click the Save As button above to Save your lost file.


Do keep in mind that…

These are .asd files which are known to last only 4 to 5 days before they get completely removed. So, all the unsaved files you lost before cannot be recovered with this trick.

You can recover your files even after shutting down your Laptop or Computer.