The Easiest Way To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On Any Android Device

Scrolling Screenshot is a very cool feature coming in many new smartphones these days. Unlike the traditional screenshot, a scrolling screenshot lets you capture an entire webpage or a document with a single screenshot rather than taking multiple screenshots.

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This feature has many benefits. It can vastly increase your productivity.

Well, there are a few apps for taking scrolling screenshots, most of them are very complicated to use and they involve taking normal screenshots and stitching them to make it look like one complete screenshot.

After researching a lot, I finally found the perfect app to take scrolling screenshots and I feel it is very easy to use.

Taking Scrolling Screenshots:

The app I am going to tell you about isn’t that well known. In fact, at the time of this writing, it had only 500-1000 downloads on the Google Play Store. It is a very new app so expect few bugs in this app.

The app I am talking about is…

unnamedLong Screenshot


Download the above app. To start taking scrolling screenshots, click the plus button in the bottom right corner.


After that go to a webpage or a document you want to take a scrolling screenshot of. Then click the floating play button on the bottom right corner.


Now, slowly scroll down and when you’re finished hit the stop button.



Scrolled Screenshot

Do note that…

This app is only compatible with Android 5.0 and up. As this is a new app, it won’t work every time. Sometimes it won’t capture the whole webpage or your document. In this case, try again and it will surely work. You can change your image resolution in Settings. Also note you can’t scroll down to eternity. It is limited upto 5 pages only!