I normally post articles which are related to technology. But this time it is a bit different. As you may have noticed, it has been 15 days since I lasted posted an article which is quite shameful since I want more people to read my blog.

It has been a busy and tough fortnight for me. I had my exams and this project which I procrastinated in finishing it earlier. I also had to deal with my gaming addictions (looking at you Resident Evil 7). But I don’t blame┬ámy exams for being inconsistent. It was all because of me. Now it is all over. It is time for a new week and I want to make sure I start with a bang.

Posting new articles on my blog and sharing my knowledge with everyone around me is what inspires me. I also love to write and read new stuff. But I have major problem being consistent in any activity even if it is something I love to do.

Those 15 days were tough but I also learned a lot in that period regarding time management. So to overcome my inconsistent blog posts, I have decided to become accountable. I have set a weekly goal for myself. I will be posting two new articles every week. I also will be creating a new series named ‘APPreciate’ where I will be talking about apps which based on my personal experience are worth a try.

So, that is how I will be starting out from today. I hope you forgive me for being inconsistent and keep reading my blog. Hope you have a great day!

Note : The new series name was ‘App of the Week’ which I have changed to ‘APPreciate’.