The Simplest Way To Listen To Those WhatsApp Voice Messages All By Yourself

We all have friends who sometimes send us funny and weird voice messages on WhatsApp. If you are at home when you get them, it is not a big deal. You can just listen to them on your mobile speakers. But what if you are outside or in a public place like a bus. It would be a bit awkward to listen to them then. Also, you won’t probably remove your earphones from your bag as you are too lazy to remove them for a single voice message!

So, what if it happens that you are in a crowded train and you are not able to move much. But at that very moment you get a voice message from your best friend. You want to listen to it very badly but you can’t as there are many people beside you. Well at that time knowing this simple trick can help you a lot.

How to Use the Trick:

Basically, all you have to do is when you get a voice message and you want to listen to it, just get your phone closer to your ear as if you are trying to pick up an incoming call. The proximity sensor in your phone will do the rest for you. When you get your phone near your ear, the voice message will start playing and when you get it away, it will pause itself. Also, the people beside you will probably think you are on a call.

I hope this WhatsApp trick helps you a lot. Have a nice day!












I normally post articles which are related to technology. But this time it is a bit different. As you may have noticed, it has been 15 days since I lasted posted an article which is quite shameful since I want more people to read my blog.

It has been a busy and tough fortnight for me. I had my exams and this project which I procrastinated in finishing it earlier. I also had to deal with my gaming addictions (looking at you Resident Evil 7). But I don’t blame my exams for being inconsistent. It was all because of me. Now it is all over. It is time for a new week and I want to make sure I start with a bang.

Posting new articles on my blog and sharing my knowledge with everyone around me is what inspires me. I also love to write and read new stuff. But I have major problem being consistent in any activity even if it is something I love to do.

Those 15 days were tough but I also learned a lot in that period regarding time management. So to overcome my inconsistent blog posts, I have decided to become accountable. I have set a weekly goal for myself. I will be posting two new articles every week. I also will be creating a new series named ‘APPreciate’ where I will be talking about apps which based on my personal experience are worth a try.

So, that is how I will be starting out from today. I hope you forgive me for being inconsistent and keep reading my blog. Hope you have a great day!

Note : The new series name was ‘App of the Week’ which I have changed to ‘APPreciate’.




The Easiest Way To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On Any Android Device

Scrolling Screenshot is a very cool feature coming in many new smartphones these days. Unlike the traditional screenshot, a scrolling screenshot lets you capture an entire webpage or a document with a single screenshot rather than taking multiple screenshots.

Photo Courtesy :

This feature has many benefits. It can vastly increase your productivity.

Well, there are a few apps for taking scrolling screenshots, most of them are very complicated to use and they involve taking normal screenshots and stitching them to make it look like one complete screenshot.

After researching a lot, I finally found the perfect app to take scrolling screenshots and I feel it is very easy to use.

Taking Scrolling Screenshots:

The app I am going to tell you about isn’t that well known. In fact, at the time of this writing, it had only 500-1000 downloads on the Google Play Store. It is a very new app so expect few bugs in this app.

The app I am talking about is…

unnamedLong Screenshot


Download the above app. To start taking scrolling screenshots, click the plus button in the bottom right corner.


After that go to a webpage or a document you want to take a scrolling screenshot of. Then click the floating play button on the bottom right corner.


Now, slowly scroll down and when you’re finished hit the stop button.



Scrolled Screenshot

Do note that…

This app is only compatible with Android 5.0 and up. As this is a new app, it won’t work every time. Sometimes it won’t capture the whole webpage or your document. In this case, try again and it will surely work. You can change your image resolution in Settings. Also note you can’t scroll down to eternity. It is limited upto 5 pages only!





Making Your Smartphone a Complete Fitness Tracker (Part 1)

Many people underestimate the use of their smartphones. They don’t know the capabilities of the device they are holding in their hands. Smartphones are not used only for Calling, Messaging, using Social Networking apps or taking pictures. They are way more powerful than that.

In this post, I have stated one of the many effective ways of using your smartphone.

Basic Info Regarding Fitness Trackers:

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Fitness Trackers are made of few sensors like an Accelerometer and some smart algorithms. An Accelerometer is basically an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body. Most smartphones these days already come with an Accelerometer.

A usual fitness tracker has a Step Counter and Sleep Tracking Functionality. Much more expensive trackers even come with a Heart Rate Sensor and GPS.

Making Your Smartphone a Step Counter:

Many smartphones these days come with a built-in Step Counting Sensor. I recommend trying the following apps with a smartphone having a Step Counting Sensor. Otherwise, the following apps may not work for your phone.

To check if your smartphone has a Step Counter, download the following app:

Phone Info – Divyesh Devlani

On Google Play Store, you will find many pedometer apps but only a few of them work perfectly. Below, I have created a list of three apps which based on my experience, I feel are the best pedometer apps.

1. UP – Jawbone

Possibly the best tracking app I could find. It tracks your apps quite accurately. The UI (User Interface) of this app is quite good and easy to use. You can manually log workouts and sleep timings. You can even play duels with your friends.


The best feature about this app is the Smart Coach. Smart Coach uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to give you information about yourself and other cool tips to get healthier. You can also log food to know all the nutrients it contains.

Photo Courtesy :

If you already have a Jawbone Fitness Tracker, then you can avail more features with this app. If you don’t have a Step Counting Sensor, the app won’t work in your smartphone. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

To know more about Smart Coach, check the following video by Jawbone Support.

A Year With Smart Coach – Jawbone Support

2. Google Fit

This is a very well-known app among fitness fanatics and rightly so as it very good for tracking steps. This is a very good Pedometer app which I found to be quite accurate. You can manually log workouts with variety of sports and other activities supported.

Photo Courtesy – Google Play

The benefit of using this app is there are many partner apps you can use. Overall, Google Fit has a very good UI and tracking of steps is quite accurate.

3. Under Armour Record

This app is not known to many people but is a  good app for tracking steps. Although I didn’t like the UI that much, I got used to it as I used the app more. Just like UP you can manually log workouts and sleep timings. This app can also help you track your workout.

Photo Courtesy :

There are many partner apps and other fitness trackers you can connect to. Overall, this app doesn’t have any other notable features other than tracking your steps.

Do note that…

None of the above apps will work if you don’t give the apps the necessary permissions. Also, the app should be running in the background to track your steps. Other than Google Fit, the other two apps are available for iOS too. To track more accurately, keep your GPS on.

How To Recover Unsaved Files In Microsoft Word

We all have been there where we have worked our asses off on a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet only to realize that we forgot to save it.

The moment we realize it, it’s all chaos. We start gnashing our teeth, banging our heads on the wall and whatnot. What we don’t know is that with the help of one simple trick, we can recover those unsaved files. This trick works perfectly for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

NoteThis doesn’t work if your Laptop or Computer has suddenly shut down.

Recovering Unsaved Word Files:

  1. To start off, head to the File Menu in Quick Access Toolbar.


  1. Next, click the Info Bar.


3. Click the Manage Document Option down below. After that hit Recover Unsaved Documents.


  1. Select your file.


5. Click the Save As button above to Save your lost file.


Do keep in mind that…

These are .asd files which are known to last only 4 to 5 days before they get completely removed. So, all the unsaved files you lost before cannot be recovered with this trick.

You can recover your files even after shutting down your Laptop or Computer.

Using Your MI Band 2 As A Music Controller

The MI Band 2 is a budget fitness tracker which packs tons of features with it. It is equipped with a Heart Rate Tracker which you don’t find even in high ranged fitness trackers. It is also equipped with the usual Step Counter and Sleep Tracking functionality. It has a good battery which lasts 20 days easily. Overall it is a fantastic fitness tracker under Rs.2, 000.

Photo Courtesy : Android Authority

Using it as a Music Controller:

Imagine how cool it would be if you had a feature in your fitness tracker which allowed you to change music right from the tracker. Well, Fitbit Surge does have this feature, it costs a whopping 20,000. Well thanks to an app called MI Band 2 Func Button by XTracer, you can use your MI Band 2 as a music controller.

You can download the app from the link below:

MI Band 2 Func Button

It has lots of useful features. You can change music or play/pause it. You can Increase or Decrease the volume. You can even Send Commands to Tasker! You can also select the application in which you want to control music.




To configure it is easy. You have to just assign functions for the way you tap it or when you lift your wrist.

But there’s a catch…

In the free version, the amount of clicks is limited (around 100-150). You can buy the full version for Rs. 85.

But there is a workaround to this problem. Reinstalling the app gets you back the clicks.

Buy MI Band 2 from the link below:

Buy MI Band 2