Using Your MI Band 2 As A Music Controller

The MI Band 2 is a budget fitness tracker which packs tons of features with it. It is equipped with a Heart Rate Tracker which you don’t find even in high ranged fitness trackers. It is also equipped with the usual Step Counter and Sleep Tracking functionality. It has a good battery which lasts 20 days easily. Overall it is a fantastic fitness tracker under Rs.2, 000.

Photo Courtesy : Android Authority

Using it as a Music Controller:

Imagine how cool it would be if you had a feature in your fitness tracker which allowed you to change music right from the tracker. Well, Fitbit Surge does have this feature, it costs a whopping 20,000. Well thanks to an app called MI Band 2 Func Button by XTracer, you can use your MI Band 2 as a music controller.

You can download the app from the link below:

MI Band 2 Func Button

It has lots of useful features. You can change music or play/pause it. You can Increase or Decrease the volume. You can even Send Commands to Tasker! You can also select the application in which you want to control music.




To configure it is easy. You have to just assign functions for the way you tap it or when you lift your wrist.

But there’s a catch…

In the free version, the amount of clicks is limited (around 100-150). You can buy the full version for Rs. 85.

But there is a workaround to this problem. Reinstalling the app gets you back the clicks.

Buy MI Band 2 from the link below:

Buy MI Band 2